Meet AIS

Founded in 1992 in Graz, Austria, AIS YOUTH SERVICE is a non-profit organisation providing assistance for children, juveniles and families within the framework of Austria’s public Child and Youth Welfare Programme. Its special form of individual social-pedagogic care (so-called flexible aids) is focussed on preparing clients for the realities of life and its day-to-day challenges. Care and training rely on trusting relationships between under-age clients, their parents and our expert advisors.


Our mission, our name

„A“ as in active.
We help parents and their children activate their own resources and use them to their best effect. Learning to deal with challenges constructively will enable our clients to actively shape their future.

„I“ as in individial.
As social pedagogues, we respond to the unique character and situation of each family, young person or child and provide individually taylored assistance.

„S“ as in social.
Our mission is to help children, young people and families deploy their potential, strengthen their social networks and find their place in society.